He Hath Quickened

"And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins;" ~ Ephesians 2:1

You - Paul is the scribe of this letter and he is writing it to the church in Ephesus.  This by extension would mean that God is speaking to all who are saved today as well.

he hath - this wonderful word!  This speaks of God's great ability.  It means the past work, in this case of God.  There is nothing that God is incapable of doing and in this case it is a miracle what he has done!

quickened - in this instance this means that God gave us our being, "we are, when we weren't."  God is able to take something that isn't and make it something that is.  Quickening is always a miracle because nothing and no one but God can take nothing and make something.  Here God makes us alive from the dead.  He by saving us makes us alive!

who were - there is a proper description of who we were before God did this quickening work...

dead - we were dead.   We were without God or apart from Him.  We were not joined with God, we were without.  We were dead.

in trespasses - the reason for our being without is trespasses.  I have committed trespasses.  I have deviated from God.  I have decided to leave Him and His way.  I was dead because of me.

and sins - again it is my sins that have separated me from God.  I have missed the mark.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful work.  I was dead and now I am alive by His work.  I trespassed against Him and yet he loved me (vs. 4) and made me alive!  Today, if you have come to Jesus Christ, would you remember this great work he has done.  It is a true miracle! Also remember that all that we are is because of Him.  We have nothing to boast in except Him.  We have free entrance into His presence because of what He did for us.  If he did not we would be forever and perilously barred from Him.  In thinking about these verses, Oswald Chambers wrote,

"We must never allow the idea that because we have been obedient, because our need is great, because we long for it, therefore God will hear us.  There is only one way into the holiest, and that is by the blood of Jesus."

He has made us a being, not dead but alive, and therefore we can enter boldly before Him.  Enter boldly today brethren!

Wood River Baptist