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Arlan Davis Preaching

CAMO – a Compassionate, Active, Military Outreach:

We are taking the Good News of the gospel directly to our Armed Forces members via personal outreach as we move around the base, personal & group Bible studies in their workplaces, personal interaction in the dormitories, and assisting the Chaplains during various chapel services and sponsored events.
We are doing our best to ensure that our military members are made aware of all known good fundamental churches near where they live. Just as we are members of a local church here and we encourage them to participate in local church activities because that is God’s plan. As our military personnel rotate to new duty stations we will be working to locate and recommend good churches to them where they can become involved and continue to grow. We will give them the contact information for the church and the pastor. We will also confirm the biblical convictions, to the best of our knowledge, of all churches that we recommend and will not knowingly recommend any church that does not hold to our Biblical convictions.

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