I grew up having parents who loved me and taught me right from wrong; yet both were unsaved.  Interestingly the four things I remember being instilled in me were don’t lie, smoke, drink, or do drugs.  I determined to keep each of these painstakingly through my childhood yet for the approval of men I broke them, one by one in my high school years.  I praise God for these four teachings of my parents because I could not deny having broken the law of my conscience and the laws of God.  I believe without these teachings, I very well may not be saved today.

            I went to college in North Carolina fully expecting to continue living the way I had.  But God quickly put within my life Christians, men whose lives where nothing like mine but seemed far better than mine.  I heard the Gospel from them numerous times my freshman year and I was invited to church over and over again but I never went. 

            That summer I determined to find the life that those men had.  I would not drink alcohol, smoke, swear, or do drugs.  It was the most miserable time of my life.  Praise God that salvation is not by works of righteousness we have done but by His grace!  We would certainly be most wretched.  I came back to college and began spending more and more time with these Christians. I went to church, attended Bible studies, and listened more intently as they spoke of Christ.  In October of my sophomore year, in my room, I asked Jesus to save me!

            I left Rhode Island having a real distaste for it and never planned to return.  After salvation God put within me a great burden for the State of my parents and with tears I began to pray for the people there and that I would be able to return there to minister.  After graduation I planned to get a high paying job that would quickly pay my debts then go to seminary, taking on more debt, and after years make my way to Rhode Island to minister.  Any job I had barely paid for the necessities of life (and often not even that) much less the debts I owed.  God used this time to break my pride in thinking my way was better than His.  On a night, similar to the night of my salvation, I asked God to forgive me of this and many other things. I determined to let God lead me day by day.

            Within just a few days of this Pastor Chris Baker asked me to come help for the summer at the Knotty Oak Baptist Church! It is hard to believe even to this day.  I had been to the church only a handful of times while on my brief breaks at home.  I had participated in just a few activities and ministries.  When Pastor called I did not even know it was the Pastor because I did not remember his name!  I fell to my knees and wept in praise to God.  Rather than years of waiting to minister in Rhode Island, I would be there in just weeks!

            In April of 2003 I came to Rhode Island and have began training and ministering under the guiding hand of Pastor Chris.  While there I got married to a blessed woman, Heather and we have Five children, Riley, Lilyana, Chloe, Avery, and Bailey. I cannot thank God enough for what He has done in leading me back to Rhode Island. 

             In October of 2011 I was asked to be the Pastor of this warm-hearted and determined assembly of believers; the Wood River Baptist Church.  We have seen God do many astounding and wonderful works and we are excited for the future and look forward to God's continued blessings as we obey Him.   It is my sincere desire to honour the Lord day by day in this church, in this community, and in my home.  It would be our privilege to have you and your family visit us on a Lord's Day very soon!

Wood River Baptist