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New Hope Correctional Ministries Fundraising Banquet

Join us for a wonderful evening of testimony and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as great food and fellowship with like-minded believers from throughout New England.  Please be ready to be generous to the help of this ministry whether in a one-time gift or on a month basis.

The purpose of New Hope Correctional Ministry is:

1. To provide comprehensive, non-denominational Chaplain services to a correctional facility(s) by providing spiritual care to the resident inmates, staff, public officials, and to the community that the facility serves.

2. To provide the good news of salvation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to those being served and to instruct and disciple these resident inmates to a new life of hope and service.

3. To provide practical assistance, care and spiritual guidance to selected resident inmates upon release.

4. To provide any and all desired support to selected released inmates and their families as determined by the Board of Directors in line with the charitable purposes of the corporation.



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